Our gate services include automatic gate repair and everything else you need for your gate to function properly.
People’s need to feel more and more secure and safe at their office or home requires a technology development that offers them solutions for high security. Automatic gates can be the solution to your house or business.
You don’t need to hire security guards or install barb wire around your house in order to feel protected. Automatic gates are quite popular nowadays and are used for homes and even businesses because they provide a controlled security.
Depending on the space you have available for the automatic gate, you can choose an automatic swing gate, or automatic slide gate system. Also, you should consider when deciding the type and model of your automatic gate that there are driveway gates that complement the courtyard of your building in an elegant and secure way; these driveway gates come in different materials such as wooden driveway gate or metal gates. Metal gates are more popular for business-purposed buildings or houses with a modern design. Also, depending on the type of your business you can choose Roll-up Doors that would fit a photographer lab.
Our service makes sure you receive the best automatic gate opener or electric gate opener, whatever you choose. We don’t only provide installation but we also offer electric gate repair or automatic opener replacement.
If you are a business owner then you should take into consideration the fact that commercial gates suffer intensive traffic and you need an automatic opener or electric opener of very good quality, one that is solid and sustains all that intensive use.
If you are unsure about whether you should choose an automatic slide door or automatic swing door, below we explain how the system works and so you can make the best choice for your home or business.

When it comes to swing gate openers, they are electric arms which move from the main opener body. When the gate closes, they go in and out of the opened body. The main opener body is attached on the gatepost and on the gate itself. When you activate the gate function by pressing on the remote, the electric arms move and so they swing the gate on the hinges in order to open or close the gate. It is a basic system, used by all swinging gates or even garage doors and simple doors.
Different from the swing gate opening system, the sliding gate opener function based on a motorized gear wheel. The motorized gear wheel moves the gate left or right, being installed at a right angle to your driveway. Similar to the running of a train, the gate moves on two wheels and a track. The motorized gear wheel transmits the power to the gate according to a gear rack, installed on the gate.
Both gate opener systems come with a control panel mounted at the gate to be accessed easily by the owners of the gate or handymen in a case of repair or automatic gate replacement.