Broken garage door cables

Whether your garage door has an extension spring system or a torsion spring system, it will have cables. Broken cables on the garage door are a common problem with all types of garage doors. In case they break or wear out, you can buy new ones from garage door parts services without needing to replace the whole system. That is good news.
The bad news is the fact that a broken cable on the garage door can be a symptom of a more serious problem. Either way, you need a broken cable replacement as soon as possible.
In case you realized your door malfunctions due to a broken cable, you have to identify which cable it is. It can be the cable for garage door opener, a broken tension cable or a broken torsion cable if you own a torsion spring system and a broken extension cable if your garage door runs on extension spring system.
When it comes to the extension spring system, the most common problem with this type of tension cable is the fact that the garage door cables come off the pulleys due to a loose effect. In this case, you need a professional garage door repair service because you need to replace a broken tension cable or solve the tension cable, and that means that you have to release the tension in springs, lift the doors and then clamp the cables back on the pulleys. However, the garage doors are very heavy, and life-threatening incidents can happen when unattended properly.
In the case of torsion spring system, the garage door cable spool could unravel. The spool could unravel from the bar and thus misbalance the lift and drop motion of the door. The torsion system loses in tension, and the garage door ends up being dropped in a different position than the normal one.
If one of the sides’ cables doesn’t stay on the drum anymore, this is most likely a symptom of another serious problem with the garage door and needs professional fixing. The drum set can hardly be brought to the original position through simple movements, so a trained expert needs to do that.
Trying to put just the cables back in place might not solve the overall issue. Loose cables, unraveled or tension cables on a garage door that is out of position are usually symptoms of the entire spring system malfunctioning. Other garage door parts might be worn out, tear apart or missing.
A professional handyman can come and place a diagnosis on the garage door problems, as well as fix the garage door with low costs and a safe method. The garage door mechanisms might be easy to understand but handling them and maintaining them can be quite risky due to garage door parts and the immense weight garage doors have.
At Raleigh, we don’t only offer garage door repairs, but you can also buy garage door parts to suit the model of your garage door and receive reliable tips on how to properly maintain your garage door.