A garage door opener is a device that gets your garage door to open and close, simply put to function. This device is mostly controlled by a switch for proximity use or by a remote control. Thinking of the size of the garage door, it is the largest part of a residential or commercial area. Due to its weight and functions, it can also be very risky to handle if not installed correctly or maintained over the time. In order to make sure your garage door has been installed and it is used safely, let garage doors professionals take care of them.
At Raleigh, we work with high-quality tools. With a vast experience in garage doors, both for residential use and the intense traffic of commercial sectors, we provide garage doors that are solid and are installed properly. Also, we advise our customers in case of any issue they should call us as we deliver a quick responsive service, safe and affordable.
We work with best manufacturers of garage door openers such as the Genie opener. We also specialize in this type of garage door opener repair besides others. Other types of openers we are familiar with are the Liftmaster opener, Stanley opener, Chamberlain opener and Overhead opener. For all these types of devices, we offer highly professional and tested garage door installation and garage door repairs.
In case you need a garage door opener replacement, our emergency service is available to you. We work with best tools, and we can install all types of garage door openers such as chain drive opener, belt drive opener or the classic screw drive opener.
Our garage door opener services expand over the basic opener installation or opener replacement. We also provide keypad installation, keypad solutions and make sure your clicker program is up and working and there are no functioning problems with the clicker. We even take care of the garage door remote, for us a garage door, complete service includes the garage door accessories such as the keypad and side parts, as well.
For any garage door Opener problem, call us.
Opener repair services revolve around broken strings so check our page for broken strings services and call professionals to provide the solutions and stay out of risk.
Opener installation or opener replacement might seem easy-breezy to do on your own, but your opener might struggle lifting a heavy weight, and that weight can crush immediately.
Avoid risks and at an affordable price, call Raleigh professionals to do a safe job.