Emergency Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Maintenance & Repair in Raleigh, NC

Our company not only offers a wide and assorted gallery of garage doors, but we also specialize in providing garage door repair in Raleigh,NC. Our masters have a vast experience and work only in a professional style. We proud ourselves with the customs service we provide.

Many people face problems with their garage doors especially if these have gone through a long use. You might need a garage door maintenance or repair so after you have chosen a new door from our gallery; we will come to install it for you. In case you need just a garage door fix, you can contact us anytime during working hours, and we will provide a quick and quality service. Garage door not open might signal an issue with the garage door sensors. They are sensitive tools that must be taken care of, as well. Two sensors activate the open-close mechanism of the garage door. One sensor transmits to the other an infra-light beam to avoid heavy crushing and random closing of the garage door. However, if the infra-light beam is interrupted by something on its way, the garage door won’t close or open. But if one of the sensors is broken and cannot perceive the infra-light beam anymore then you need garage door sensors maintenance or replacement.

Another common problem at garage doors is a broken gearbox. Taking into consideration the fact that a garage door is used thousands time on average, sooner or later, they will break. The good news is that a broken gearbox that leads to a garage door fix is neither time-consuming nor expensive, so don’t worry. The gearbox is most likely worn out.

One day you might hear a sound but wouldn’t be able to identify it right away. Just when you see the broken springs of the garage door, you realize where the sound came from. Don’t worry. Broken garage door springs are one of the top incidents in the garage door industry. It happens because of the high-rate of use, just like the gearbox, it gets worn out. After all, the garage doors’ springs are what keep the heavy load on the garage door to move, so it will eventually break. The garage door spring repair process is not that complicated, though. You can get a garage door spring repair and replacement right away, but it should be done by professionals because there are life risks. There are two types of springs: extension and torsion. The extension springs are on both sides of the door, perpendicular to it. These springs stretch as the garage door is lowered. Stretched springs have the tendency to lift the door. So you might need an extension spring replacement or a torsion spring replacement. Torsion springs are across a bar that is positioned on the inside of the garage door. A tension in the torsion springs lifts the weight of the garage door.

If one of these two breaks, you need an Emergency garage repair, and we got it covered for you!

The broken cables are replaced; maintenance and tune-up are run up, also to secure the function of your garage door. Our garage door repair service also includes opener repair, opener replacement and opener installation, use of garage door lubricant for smooth movements, sectional panel replacement and fixing off tracks garage door in Raleigh,NC.