Our company specializes in garage door repair services including replacement or garage door parts maintenance and tune-up, as well as gates repair services referring to gate replacement or gate parts repairs.
We are the top Handymen in all North Carolina areas, and we take pride in offering a high-quality customer service.
Business owners or managers call us to deliver a fast and solid repair service. We are specialized in swing gate repair or swing gate installation depending on the type of damage and situation. The swinging system can have problems at the electrical opener for the gate, at this happens mostly due to wearing out of electric arms. Also, when you need gate repair for electric opener you can face the situation in which the remote cannot transmit properly the signals to the electric arms and thus the gate malfunctions. If that is the case, we provide quick broken gate replacement, and you won’t be forced to give up on the security of your company or house.
The second type of automatic opener is the sliding gate system. When you need slide gates repair, most of the times you actually need track gates repair. Wood gates work mostly with the swinging system gate opener, while steel gates are usually used for the sliding gate opener. In both situations of driveway gates, to ensure a long time and quality functioning process, you need to apply gates maintenance. No need to worry as we provide packages of gates maintenance services and tune up at affordable prices.
A frequent problem that we meet during our service hours is the loop detector repair situation. Especially if you own a wooden driveway gate or metal gates as commercial gates, due to intensive traffic and daily pressure, the loop detector breaks.
Loop detectors are the gadgets that detect when a vehicle approaches and thus commands to the automatic gate opener or electric gate opener to function in the needed way. You don’t necessarily need electric gate repair or your gate to be replaced, but you need a loop detector intervention. There are many types of loops, and each has a particular function. The exit loops take care of commanding the gate to allow a vehicle’s exit. Safety loops are used to make sure the gate or the rolling steel garage doors don’t close on the vehicle. In the case of Roll-up Doors, safety loops are required to keep the garage door from falling on the vehicle.
Another type of loop that is used mostly for commercial gates is the shadow loop. The shadow loop makes sure it closes the gate right after the vehicle passes and keeps another vehicle from following close from behind. Preformed loops are installed before the concrete or street is poured because they are placed under the surface. Loops have other accessories that come in different sizes and colors to suit the purpose and the width of the driveway gate.
Our gates repair services include the loops accessories and makes sure you benefit of a solid and functioning gate that endures in time and against intensive traffic. Also, our gate systems are provided for the purpose of keeping your commercial space or house secure and protected.
Our company located in Raleigh, North Carolina specializes in professional and expert-delivered services for gate repairs and garage door repairs. These repair services also include garage door parts replacement or gate replacements. Even more, we take care of our products, and we offer maintenance services and tune up. The one thing that matters the most is that our customer can use a solid garage door or gate to feel secure and besides this, we are offering a gallery of different types, sizes and colors of gates and garage doors to combine beauty with security.
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You can reach us 24/7 due to our emergency service system that answers to garage door repair situations and gate repair.
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